“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

Albert Einstein


Palmera Advisors offers transparent investment services and unparalleled client service to maximise our clients’ value. As an exclusive multi-family office, we serve high net-worth individuals and families. Our client relationships are built on a solid foundation of trust, reliability and confidentiality. We put the interests of our clients first – ensuring that we always meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Headquartered in London, we work with multi-generational families and individuals globally. As a comprehensive family office, we cater to our clients’ diverse needs, from financial matters and wealth management to family governance and estate planning. Through our multi-disciplinary approach, we are able to anticipate and address the complex tax and legal elements involved in large-scale investments, as well as personal services to make day to day life easier.

Our extensive network of international experts allows us to connect our clients with financial, tax and real estate specialists to meet their every demand. Our investments are focused in the energy, mining, real estate and agri-tech industries. We meet the complex challenges of substantial wealth and multi-faceted portfolios so that our clients can achieve sustainable growth and profits.


Our investment strategy centres on reaching our clients’ short and long-term financial goals. At Palmera Advisors, we believe that intelligent asset allocation is the most effective factor in improving overall investment performance. We take into account each client’s individual needs and capital structure to determine the best path to diverse allocation through spreading our investments over multiple asset classes. Every piece of investment advice is based on sophisticated risk management and market potential evaluations. We cautiously balance risks and returns in order to optimise your portfolio in the long run. 


Step 1

Market Research

Step 2

Determine Criteria

Step 3

Construct Portfolio

Step 4

Implement Strategies

Step 5

Monitor and Adjust


Fossil Energy

Our advisors combine their global experience and invaluable insights in the global oil & gas industry to help our clients face the industry’s market fluctuations and maximise their profits.

Our wholistic approach allows us to provide our clients with crucial information necessary to make the most informed investment decision. We assess the market’s most pressing challenges such as price volatility and analyse prospects linked to supply chain, costs and productivity, operating models and operations.

Additionally, we offer advisory services and analysis of several operational functions including supply chain management, business unit strategy and more.

Palmera Advisors invests in several oil & gas subsectors including:

  • Oil & Gas exploration and production
  • Oil field service
  • Equipment production
  • Refining and marketing
  • Midstream 


Our mining specialists offer their vast expertise to assess the feasibility of projects in the global mining industry. Starting with a conceptual study, we evaluate the resources and process based on our in-depth knowledge to conceptualise the project.

Our experts then proceed to generate project economic evaluations so our clients can make their decisions confidently. For increased reliability, these evaluations include both capital and operation cost projections. Depending on the results, the project study may turn into a bankable feasibility study which includes a more advanced evaluation of the financial viability of the project.

Our expertise covers a vast range of sectors including the mining industry such as gold, silver, copper, coal, lead and heavy sands mining.

Our mining industry services include:

  • Technical feasibility, environmental and energy efficiency studies
  • Operational optimisation and management
  • Economic and market studies
  • Mine planning & design
  • Analysis of exploration and minerals testing

Real Estate

Our real estate experts all have an unparalleled expertise in the global real estate market, allowing us to offer advanced investment services which cover the entire property life cycle.

We assist real estate owners, property investors and lenders navigate the complexities of the market and capitalise on relevant opportunities.

We are adept in public and private real estate dealings and work seamlessly with financial institutions, banks, funds, insurance companies and developers to align an effective strategy.

Palmera Advisors offers an all-inclusive real estate equity service package:

  • Sourcing profitable investment prospects
  • Providing crucial market insights
  • Generating a deal and drafting a contract
  • Performing advanced due diligence
  • Supporting the acquisition of a property


Our advisors closely observe innovative technologies for the agriculture sector that have the potential to increase the productivity of farming through the power off automatisation.

We currently focus on investments in modern irrigation technologies and smart greenhouses that can significantly enhance resource distribution while improving sustainable crop production.

To diversify our portfolio, we continuously scan the market for new attractive investment opportunities in innovative solutions.

Our expertise in Agri-Tech is comprised of:

  • Strategic analysis and planning
  • Monitoring regulatory frameworks
  • Performing market research
  • Investing at various stages of the commercialisation process
  • Assessment of investment options



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